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Exoal is a young Dutch brand. Exoal designs fashionable and stylish accessories for the West European market. Exoal has a nationwide network of retailers

This is the vision of Exoal in relation to fashion, beauty and accessories. Emotion and charisma, this is where it's about! Our vision can be found in our accessories and choice of materials. Every season this vision is an inspiration and a challenge for our designer Julia Cabral. She searches for the right balance between color, materials, trends and surroundings. You can experience it as a well-chosen recipe, which everyone experiences in their own way.

Because fashion has a function!

Producten van Exoal

Dolce Luna Exoal Fab. Geen KumKum Lilly! Soho Hearts Sugarz CIN Dyrberg Kern By Soos Souza for kids Deriva jewels Starfish Step by Step Melano Clic Creations Josh Fiva Jewelry Nahui Ollin Mippies SuperTrash Onobo